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Big Red Book of American Lutherie Vol. 2.





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The Big Red Book of American Lutherie
Volume Two, 1988-1990

From American Lutherie #13-24. Highlights include voicing the steel string guitar by Dana Bourgeois; making mandolins with Steve Andersen; W.D. Allen on air resonance; Larrivee factory tour; Al Stancel on violin cracks; French polishing with Burton, Byers, Steinegger, and Vineyard; string bass design by Fred Lyman; pickup design by Tim Shaw; lute making by Lawrence D. Brown; small-shop lutherie in Japan; fretted dulcimer design by Bonnie Carol; guitar acoustics by Tom Rossing; the Strad mystique; violin varnish by Geary Baese; new classical guitar family; mandolin orchestra history; folk harp design by R.L. Robinson; D’Addarrio strings tour; a new mandolin family; violin varnish by Michael Darnton; American patent zithers; detailed drawings of D’Angelico New Yorker, prima balalaika, Loar F-5 mandolin, hammered dulcimer, Baroque guitar, low-cost double bass, and Irish bouzouki; and meet makers Manuel Davila, Robert Lundberg, Hammond Ashley, H.E. Huttig, Hermann Hauser II, Victor Gardener, Fred Lyman, Les Paul, Frank "Andy" Johnson, Ralph Rabin, Stewart Pollens, Dana Bourgeois, Hartley Peavey, and Ivo Pires.

Hardcover, 524 pages, B&W photos and drawings.