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Michael B. Smith: Organic Chemistry An Acid-Base Approach, 2nd Ed.



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Organic Chemistry : An Acid-Base Approach, Second Edition


By (author) Michael B. Smith

Based on the premise that many, if not most, reactions in organic chemistry can be explained by variations of fundamental acid-base concepts, Organic Chemistry: An Acid-Base Approach provides a framework for understanding the subject that goes beyond mere memorization. Using several techniques to develop a relational understanding, it helps students fully grasp the essential concepts at the root of organic chemistry.

This new edition was rewritten largely with the feedback of students in mind and is also based on the author's classroom experiences using the first edition.

Highlights of the Second Edition Include:

Reorganized chapters that improve the presentation of material
Coverage of new topics, such as green chemistry
Adding photographs to the lectures to illustrate and emphasize important concepts
A downloadable solutions manual

The second edition of Organic Chemistry: An Acid-Base Approach constitutes a significant improvement upon a unique introductory technique to organic chemistry. The reactions and mechanisms it covers are the most fundamental concepts in organic chemistry that are applied to industry, biological chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, and pharmacy. Using an illustrated conceptual approach rather than presenting sets of principles and theories to memorize, it gives students a more concrete understanding of the material.

Product details

Hardback | 1128 pages

216 x 279 x 48.26mm | 3,016g

15 Dec 2015

CRC Press – Taylor & Francis Group

Oakville, Canada


2nd New edition

1/16-Sent CX disclaimer to York for books left at printer, Replika; 49-note drop ship to Mehul Book Sales,India 2/16-EBOOKS CORRECTED; 22 Tables, color; 2777 Illustrations, color



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