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Galli GFS1256 Fingerstyle akusztikus gitár húrszett (.012)

Medium Light tension




Ár (nettó) : 4 016 Ft
Ár (bruttó) (27 %):
5 100 Ft

Vásárolni kívánt mennyiség:

New set Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Strings with “double winding” in Nickel and Bronze. The two thin windings make the string less "rough" to the touch and combine the brilliant and defined sound of electric guitar Nickel strings with the warmth and depth of acoustic Bronze strings.

Set 6 corde Nickel/Bronze wound .012 - .056 MEDIUM LIGHT

Cat. n. Note Description Inch mm
GFS012 E-1st Plain Steel .012 0.30
GFS016 B-2nd Plain Steel .016 0.40
GFS025 G-3rd Nickel Bronze Wound .025 0.63
GFS035 D-4th Nickel Bronze Wound .035 0.88
GFS045 A-5th Nickel Bronze Wound .045 1.14
GFS056 E-6th Nickel Bronze Wound .056 1.40