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Shokunin japán Kataba fűrész 240 mm


Nincs készleten


Ár (nettó) : 12 992 Ft
Ár (bruttó) (27 %):
16 500 Ft

Speciális fogazat, mely tökéletesen alkalmas kereszt irányú vágásra.

Rövid penge merevítő gerinc, a korlátlan vágásmélységért.

Bármilyen típusú faanyaghoz használható.

Nagyon vékony vágásszélesség, síma vágásfelület a három élű fogazatnak köszönhetően.

Szuper kemény, hosszantartó él.

Penge: 240 mm

Fonott markolat, cserélhető penge


Blade Thickness 0.60 mm
Kerf 0.85 mm
Length of Blade 240 mm
Overall Length 545 mm
Tooth Pitch tpi 1.90 mm 13.5 tpi Cross cut


This backless crosscut saw is the equivalent of a western panel saw. There is nothing to limit the depth of cut, allowing the saw to cut across wide boards or sheet material as well as trimming battens to length.

The Shokunin Kataba has a 240mm long blade, which cuts on the pull stroke. Working in tension, allows it to be much thinner and harder than its western cousin. Consequently, it requires far less effort in use and remains sharp for a very long time. The teeth have three cutting edges and a unique profile deigned to cope with soft wood, hard wood plywood etc. With a 1.9mm tooth pitch it offers fast progress through the timber and leaves a very clean cut surface. The blade undergoes a special nickel plating process, which protects against corrosion and prevents resin accumulating on the blade. The traditional wrapped handle is 270mm long giving a choice of grip for the task in hand.

In common with other Japanese pull saws, the best advice is to relax and let the saw do the work.