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Axminster Workshop No. 4 gyalu


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Ár (nettó) : 42 913 Ft
Ár (bruttó) (27 %):
54 500 Ft

Axminster Workshop planes represent great value for home or professional use; whether in a workshop or out on site. A No.4 is a handy size and weight for finishing and final smoothing as well as a good general-purpose plane.

The blade is cryogenically treated high carbon steel offering excellent edge retention. It comes with a 25° bevel. The blade only requires honing before use (putting a 30° micro bevel on the edge can be done in less than a minute).

The plane’s main body is ductile grey iron with a flat ground sole. It features an adjustable frog allowing you to close the plane’s mouth for finer work. The ‘Y’ lever that helps control the depth is an investment casting for better engagement with the blade. The lateral blade control lever is the traditional ‘disc’ type rather than simple piece bent metal. The plane has a lever cap iron and solid brass adjusting nut. The tote and handle are hardwood.

Axminster Workshop planes are made to a good standard and quality and only require a minimum of initial preparation or fettling before your first thin shaving.

The sole of the No.4 is 245mm(9.1/2") long, the blade is 50mm(2") wide.

Key Features

  • Designed for smoothing and surface finishing
  • Handy size, a good general purpose bench plane
  • Smooth, rounded and comfortable hardwood handles
  • The most popular and commonly used plane
  • Flat, ground sole for smooth, even surfaces
  • 245mm(9.1/2") long with a 50mm(2") wide blade