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Centner - Weck: Atlas d'Immuno-Allergologie (French)



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Atlas of Immuno-Allergology / Atlas d'Immuno-Allergologie: French Ed : An Illustrated Primer for Health Care Professionals / Manuel Illustre a l'Usage DES Professionnels De La Sante

  • Hardback

  • French

By (author) Alan L. de Weck, Jacques Centner

The tremendous progress achieved in the field of immunology has led to many important practical applications. Consequently, a working knowledge of this complex area has become more and more necessary for a wide range of health care professionals. Since this field is quite complex, it can at first be a bit daunting for the non-specialist. This is why this "Atlas of Immuno-Allergology" was created: to provide clear access to this fascinating and increasingly important field. This third edition includes recent information and presents a brief discussion of important concepts from molecular biology, the "twin sister" of immunology. Part I of the book is devoted to basic immunological mechanisms, and the principles of molecular biology and genetics that are used to produce monoclonal antibodies and recombinant proteins. The reader is then guided naturally to the various interactions between antigens and elements of the immune response, which can result in either pathological reactions or immunological tolerance.
In Part II the Atlas deals with the most common allergic diseases, their diagnosis, and treatment, while Part III explains various immunology related medical challenges such as AIDS, renal diseases, organ transplantation, autoimmune diseases, and immune responses to tumors. Part IV takes a concise look at the main allergens responsible for allergies, and the development of vaccines, including molecular biological techniques, as well as future prospects for vaccination (including AIDS, malaria and cancer). Finally, Part V covers diagnostic tests, showing in a realistic manner the principles, performance, and interpretation of the serological and cell assays that are the daily bread and butter of modern clinical medicine.

Product details

  • Format Hardback | 200 pages

  • Dimensions 210 x 297mm

  • Publication date 01 Jul 1995

  • Publisher Hogrefe Publishing

  • Imprint Hogrefe & Huber

  • Publication City/Country Toronto, Canada

  • Language French

  • Edition Revised

  • Edition Statement 3rd edition

  • ISBN10 0889371431

  • ISBN13 9780889371439