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Ice Bear King 4000G japán vizes fenőkő



Ár (nettó : 14 882 Ft
Ár (bruttó (27 %):
18 900 Ft

Vásárolni kívánt mennyiség:

Méret: 190mm x 63mm x 19mm

These are superfine grits, the stones are used to bring the metal to an absolute mirror finish, and hence an ultra sharp edge. Whereas the coarser stones can be stored in water, these fine stones are harder and not so porous, so only need to be sprinkled with water just before use, and left dry at all other times. They are mounted on bases and the very finest are supplied with an artificial Nagura stone; used to de-glaze, true and build up slurry on the surface of the stone, which helps the polishing process.