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Mottola, R. M.: Building the Steel String Acoustic Guitar

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The result of over twenty years of research to identify, catalog, and assess acoustic guitar construction techniques, Building the Steel String Acoustic Guitar is the most comprehensive source of modern steel string guitar construction information available. Designed specifically to be accessible to the first-time guitar builder, information is presented as a series of small and well-defined construction operations. Historical information and background theory is provided where appropriate for each of these operations. Construction is presented using tools that most woodworkers already have, supplemented by a minimal set of special-purpose guitar-making tools. The construction techniques make heavy use of simple jigs and fixtures which help achieve precision results. Guitar construction operations that novice builders find to be difficult and confusing are broken down into easy-to-understand parts and are explained in step-by-step detail. Commonly made construction mistakes are pointed out, along with instructions for fixing them. Important details of construction that may not be obvious to first time guitar makers are carefully described.

This lavishly illustrated book has over 500 pages and contains more than 1000 photos and drawings. Features of the book include:

  • Small, discrete, well-defined construction operations
  • Includes links to download free plans and templates for two different guitars
  • Both USA (Imperial, English) and metric units of measurement are presented
  • Limited use of special purpose tools
  • Limited use of complicated jigs and fixtures
  • Extensive use of quick-construction, disposable jigs and fixtures
  • Construction is detailed for left-handed as well as right-handed instruments
  • Math free
  • Use of traditional woods as well as domestic species
  • Modern alternatives to traditional shell inlay decoration are presented
  • Glossary of lutherie terminology is included
  • Alternative construction techniques are offered for some parts, to make use of different woodworking tools and skills
  • Commonly made mistakes are pointed out, and instructions to fix them are provided
  • Attention to important details of construction that may not be obvious to beginners
  • Includes a comprehensive index
  • Explains unfamiliar construction operations in step-by-step detail, including:
    • Fret slotting
    • Neck carving
    • Side bending
    • Making the rosette
    • Binding and purfling
    • Neck fitting
    • Application of hand applied finishes

Building the Steel String Acoustic Guitar was written by R.M. Mottola. The most prolific writer of articles on guitar construction, he is a long-time contributing editor for American Lutherie, the widely-read journal for stringed musical instrument makers. He also maintains the guitar making information website.