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Rider No. 80 színlő gyalu (Scraper Plane)




Ár (nettó) : 11 732 Ft
Ár (bruttó) (27 %):
14 900 Ft

Vásárolni kívánt mennyiség:

Professzionális No. 80 scraper plane (színlő gyalu)
súly: 733 g
felfekvési felület: 90 x 68 mm
kés szélesség: 70 mm
kés anyag: O1 high carbon acél (HRC 63)
bronz csavarokkal

The Rider No. 80 cabinet scraper produces a clean even finish and is ideal when used to smooth difficult grain over large areas. Tightening the knob, behind the blade, causes a slight bow in the blade. This increases the bite and hence the thickness of shaving. The body of the No. 80 is a fine, grey, iron casting with a flat, machined base. The base measures 90 mm(3-1/2") x 68 mm(2-5/8"), the blade is 70 mm(2-3/4") wide.

Rider planes only require the bare minimum of initial preparation. The blade is oil quenched, high carbon spring steel, hardened and tempered to HRC 63, and only requires a little honing and turning a burr before use. Every plane undergoes careful inspection in Axminster to ensure consistent quality. We are confident that Rider planes represent a good standard in traditional, quality plane manufacture and great value.

Key Features

  • Used to produce a precise even finish, smooth difficult grain on large areas
  • Adjusting nut varies the bite of the blade
  • Fine grey iron casting with machined base
  • 70 mm(2-3/4") wide blade