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Shokunin Japanese Flushcut Saw - 125mm




Ár (nettó) : 11 732 Ft
Ár (bruttó) (27 %):
14 900 Ft

Vásárolni kívánt mennyiség:

  • Perfect for cutting the protruding dowels or tenons
  • Highly flexible double-edged blade
  • Made for both hardwoods and softwoods
  • Zero set on teeth; will not mar the surrounding surface
  • Handle made from beechwood
Blade Thickness 0.30 mm
Kerf 0.30 mm
Length of Blade 125 mm
Overall Length 270 mm
Tooth Pitch tpi 1.00 mm 25 tpi 1.27 mm 20 tpi Cross cut

A small saw, traditionally used in Japanese joinery for flush trimming protruding wooden or bamboo nails, used to pin joints. The thin blade is incredibly flexible. Even after bending beyond 90° it springs back true. The crosscut teeth of this saw have zero set. It can cut a dowel or tenon flush without marring the surrounding surface.

When using this saw, it helps if you gently rest the fingers of your free hand on the back of the blade just behind the cut. This gives much greater control. The blade has two edges, a fine tooth pitch on one side for hardwoods and a slightly coarser pitch on the other for softwood. The blade length is 125mm fitted with a beechwood handle, overall length 270mm.