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Verítas citling felhúzó




Ár (nettó) : 6 220 Ft
Ár (bruttó) (27 %):
7 900 Ft

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A megélezett citling pár mozdulattal felhúzható

Innovatív kétkezes fogású kialakítás

Könnyen kontrollálható a felhúzás ereje és szöge

Who would have thought it possible to improve on a traditional cabinet scraper burnisher? Someone at Veritas came up with this innovative design which permits a two-handed grip, improving control so you can roll precisely the sort of hook you want on your scraper. As comfortable to grip as a spokeshave, held between the thumbs and forefingers, it keeps your fingertips close to the carbide rod. This gives you much better tactile feedback, which helps you maintain control of both force and angle as you run it along the edge of a scraper (typically clamped in a vice).

The burnisher’s relatively small size helps prevent you from pressing too hard, so you’re less likely to overwork the edge. Although designed for two-handed use, you can use it one-handed.

It has a 4.8mm diameter, 25mm long rod injection-moulded into a plastic body and is compact enough to slip into an apron pocket.

Made in Canada.

Key Features

  • Innovative design permits a two-handed grip
  • Improves control for precisely rolled hook
  • Helps you maintain control of both force and angle
  • 4.8mm diameter, 25mm long rod
  • Injection-moulded into a plastic body
  • Compact apron pocket, size tool
  • Made in Canada