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Big Red Book of American Lutherie Vol. 1.





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The Big Red Book of American Lutherie
Volume One, 1985-1987

From American Lutherie #1-12. Includes the Hauser tradition by Jeffrey Elliott; violin sound physics by Carleen Hutchins; pearl inlay by David Nichols; air resonance by W.D. Allen; tuning violin plates by Keith Hill; the business of lutherie with Gruhn, Klein, Lundberg, Krimmel, Brune, Meltz, Grimes, Davis, and Umanov; guitar sound physics by Caldersmith; rosewoods by John Jordan; Ramirez workshop by William Tapia; the Dobro by Bobby Wolfe; guitar frets by Roger Sadowsky; violin acoustics by George Bissinger; Paisley Tele by Dave Schneider; epoxy by Paul Jacobson; vihuela and viola da mano by John Rollins; evolution of the hammered dulcimer by Sam Rizzetta; temperaments by Edward Kottick; bracing and guitar resonance by J. and O. Jovicic; thoughts on new guitar designs by Steve Klein, Gila Eban, and Fred Carlson; flattop bass design thoughts by Harry Fleishman, Tim Olsen, Richard Ennis, Bill McCaw, and David Freeman; detailed drawings of 1918 Martin 1-18, 1932 Martin C-3, Kamanche, Kasha guitar soundboard, 1943 Hauser Sr. classical guitar, flattop bass, tar, modified F-3 mandolin, and sami-sen; and meet makers C.F. Martin III, C.F. Martin IV, Manuel Velazquez, William Del Pilar, John Monteleone, Paul Schuback, Harvey Thomas, Jeffrey Elliott, and Robert Steinegger.

Hardcover, 524 pages, B&W photos and drawings.